Cath and Derek White
Founders Of The Good News Newspaper
And The Wealth For The Workers Network. 
The reason why we created and are making this Good News Newspaper each week is to counteract the negative effects of Global Bad News.  One day a few years ago I was walking down a street in Auckland New Zealand on a Beautiful Sunny Saturday Morning going to work. Everyone was happy and birds were chirping, then in front of me on the pavement appeared a big, black, ugly news poster saying that "1,500 People Had Died".

I was really shocked and upset, I went into the newsagents to see what on earth had happened. Long story short it was news dredged up from approx 200 years ago, concerning 1,500 sailors who died of scurvy through lack of vitamin C. I could not believe that the newspaper had sunk so low as to drag up 200 year old news to sell their newspapers using bad news to attain sales. I was furious that the newspaper was using this most sad and unfortunate incident to cash in on what was a human tragedy. It ruined my whole day. I shouted  to the shop owner,

"When On Earth Is Someone Going To Bring Out Some Good News!!!?" 

From that time on I became just sick and tired of constantly being bombarded with nonstop Bad News 24/7 and over the years kept on saying to myself and others "When on earth is someone going to bring out some Good News!!!?".

One day I finally came to realise that it was me who had to do it.  From this realisation, The Good News Newspaper was founded. Now my wife Cath and I, to counteract all the negative effects of bad news, are determined to bring good news, positive solutions and inspirational stories to every home on Earth to help people have a better life.

So why subscribe to our Good News Newspaper? Because Cath and I have a burning, passionate purpose to help Billions of people have a better life, a brighter future, to bring peace, happiness and prosperity into their lives using both the Newspaper and our newly created  "Wealth For The Workers' " Network to give them a ongoing passive income and complete time freedom.

This goal will be acheived by using half of the Combined Global Subscriptions from The Good News Newspaper plus incorporating our WFTW Network, we intend to create a huge tidal wave of Humanitarian Financial Aid to help reverse the current conditions on earth and also to help wipe out unemployment and poverty on earth for the benefit of the entire human race. 

The Reason Why We Have Created
The Wealth For The Workers Network. 
Countless millions of working people all over the world are struggling like crazy with the cost of living and doing it really tough. Millions more are out of work and many of them will never even be able to get jobs simply because there are not enough jobs available. Even more millions are either living on food stamps, in cities and ghettos in total poverty and misery, millions more are living in 3rd world countries in remote locations living in even harsher, unhappy conditions. These countless millions of people add up into billions of people that are disadvantage and forgotten about by the rest of the world.

Over the years we have observed countless hundreds of thousands, in fact many many millions of good, decent, loyal, very hard working people all over the world who are literally worked to the bone with long, excessive working hours on low or insufficient, non-passive income wages, taking them away from their families, sometimes working double, triple  shifts, sometimes working at 2 or 3 jobs.

We have seen so many of them become very sick and ending up in hospital including myself Derek. We have seen many people lose their homes, jobs, wife, husband, marriages, kids, businesses and many suddenly made redundant overnight sending their lives into chaos.

We have seen so many men, women and children so totally stressed out with their circumstances that it drove them to suicide and these conditions continue to drive people to committing suicide, leaving their families distraught, broke and overwhelmed.

Literally the distruction and social problems that have come into existence from overworking the population and by having so many millions of working peoples' lives ruled and ruined by immense and out of control home ownership debts, the cost of living in general, credit card debts and all the other overwhelming things that negatively impact on countless millions of working peoples' lives can be summed up as follows:


Is it any wonder that we have the problems we have in society today?

Something Needs To Be Done About It.

These problems, unemployment, poverty and many other factors that are in many countries are already totally
out of control. With the current global conditions many millions of people will never be able to have their own home. Until Now There Has Not Been A Global Solution Offered To Help Fix Many Of These Problems...

But Now There Is One :-)

Here Is The Fantastic Global Solution Offered To Solve Much If Not All Of The Above
Here is the simplicity of the solution offered: Dozens, Hundreds, Thousands then Eventually Millions of correctly structured teams of people with everyone putting in work and effort are all... 

 Created Completely For Free With No Financial Risk To Anyone. 

With this free registration method, literally teams of hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands can be created in a few week's and months, teams of millions of people can be created over longer periods of time.  Once each of the correctly structured teams are activated*, this will give varying degrees of immediate financial return and profits to many people all from the monthly purchase, reading and use of a huge range of quality E.Books with pretty much every subject you can think of.

The beauty and simplicity of our network is that as each new team is created for free and correctly structured to make sure people will actually get paid, it also links up with the previous team so everyone in turn can achieve a return and profit on their investment.  

This system of teams being created for free with no barrier to entry for anyone, correctly structured and joined together like a giant jigsaw puzzle to make sure they will be paid and everyone helping other people to have success is rolled out and created all over the world in every country that has internet access. ( if they don't have internet access when the team has grown larger enough we can work with the correct people to get them internet access) Countless millions of people who do have jobs can join for free as self-employed people with no risk, greatly improving their incomes, pay their homes and debts off much, much quicker. They can have a much better and higher standard of living. Countless millions of unemployed people can become self-employed with a large and decent passive income to buy their own home and easily deal with the cost of living because now they have money.

Many Billions of dollars a year can be saved by all governments and working people of the world by not having to cope and pay out endless taxes and trying to support, help and feed homeless or out of work people. How I hear you ask? Because there will be so much
affluence in our societys that all these costs of helping the disadvantaged will not all fall
just on the shoulders of the goverment and already over taxed working people.

So now with a very much higher percentage of the populations of each country having a much larger passive income, many of the social problems we have in each country can now be tackled and dealt with by everyone helping and chipping in and contributing part of their new passive income towards the charities and organisations that are desperately trying to fix the problems in society. It does not matter what situation you are dealing with, every person, family, home, business, corporation, non profit organization, charity on earth. It needs enough time and enough money to deal with the problems presented. 
By continuing on with this system on a massive scale,  peace, harmony and prosperity on Earth can be restored.

As the team grows in numbers and we need to move into countries that do not speak English we simply hire teams of trained translators to translate it and the EBooks in the catalogue into the language that country uses. 

*Activate defined: When asked to do so and your team is ready, you agree to pay for your monthly E.Book Product Package and submit the filled out direct debit form to your credit or debit card.