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We Would Like To Show You How It's Possible To Create a  $1,200 - $2,500  Monthly Passive Income In 8 - 30 Days In Just 3 Easy Steps Using E.Books, Then  Help You Scale It  Up To $10,000 - $20,000 P/Month All With No Risk To You, To Help You Have A Much Better Life. Please Watch The Short 3 Minute Intro Video Below.
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Cath and Derek White Founders Of The Good News Newspaper And The Wealth For The Workers' Network. Between Cath And Myself, We Have A Combined 50+ Years Of Winning Business Experience. Cath Was Also Awarded "The Model Of Admin Know-How Award" In The Year 2000 And Was The First Woman In Australia To Achieve This.

We Know All The Tips, Tricks, Secrets And Techniques To Make Networking Work For Millions Of People And To Make Sure You And Other People Will Get Paid For Being Part Of Our Network.

We Also Know All The Traps That Bring About Failure In Networking And How To Avoid Them To Help People Finally Win In The Networking World.  The Wealth For The Workers' Team Will Supply An Endless Source Of Practical Real-Life Solutions To Real-Life Problems And Challenges To Help Millions Of People Have A Better Life.
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The Wealth For The Workers' Fail-Safe System. It's Virtually Impossible To Run Out Of New Team Members To Go Into The Team. See Below For Full Explanation. This Team Is Designed To Expand Out To Hundreds
Of Millions And Then To Billions Of People.
Please See The Above Wealth For The Workers' Fail-Safe System Which Protects Any Person Or Group Of Team Members Who Enter The System. If  For Some Strange And Very Unlikely Reason That There Are No More People To Enter The Team Then We Will Implement This Strategy.
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Please Understand It’s Basically Impossible To Run Out Of Team Members. The Current World Population Of 7.3 Billion Is Expected To Reach 8.5 Billion By 2030,  9.7 Billion In 2050 And 11.2 Billion In 2100, According To A New
UN DESA Report, Source

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