How Creation Can Change Realities

creation can change realities

How To Use Creation To Change Your Realities!

By Derek White, Copyright October 2017. Creation Defined: The action or process of bringing something into existence.

In this article we are going to look at the  different  sides of creation and then see what can be done to create a truly happy and  joyous  life. In   this world  we  live  in  there are many beautiful   things which have already been  created  and  as  I type this article many more beautiful things are being built and  created. However,  isn’t  it  a little bit strange  that  apparently  on   average   8  out  of  10  people   don’t  like  their job and would leave for  something  better if  they  had  half  a chance?  Why is this?

This   is  a  very  sad  and unhappy statistic that  so   many  millions of    people  all around  the world    are  not  happy  in  their  jobs  but  choose to  stay  at  these  jobs which  continue to  make  them  unhappy and miserable for many years. Many  years   ago  I used to notice that people   were much happier  and  more carefree  because they didn’t  have all the  pressures and costs of living that they now have in  our modern  times. It   seems  to me that the somehow someway  the art of  creating  a happy life   has  gradually been knocked down, worn  away  and  eroded from  many millions  of  people’s lives, why?

Some  people may disagree with me and say they are creating  their  family, their career etc. This is all true and I  am not for the  slightest  moment  suggesting or insinuating that people are not  creative. All I am observing from checkable and known  facts   is that  on  average   8 out of 10  people are not happy with their jobs or careers  and  if  they  had  half a chance would leave for  something  better, but  don’t do so!

I  believe there are many  answers to these unhappy statistics and one cannot simply use a paint brush   and say  it is just one thing that is causing the statistic. That would be silly and  foolish. However, I do  believe that  one  area concerning   these  statistics   that  has been completely  overlooked and pushed aside  by   the  pressures of  life  is  that  people have  somehow, someway been led  away  from  creating  a life that  they  are truly happy and  joyous  about. Otherwise   why  would  there be  literally  thousands  of people  all over the world   involved  in the self  improvement  industry  promoting  and  selling  thousands  of  different  courses and books to  help  millions  of  people get back on  track  towards  creating  a happier and more fulfilled  life?

Henry ford helped bring the model t ford into existence. The ford model t is an automobile produced by ford motor company from October 1, 1908, … On may 26, 1927, Henry Ford watched the 15 millionth model t ford roll off the assembly line at his factory in highland park, Michigan USA. Henry Ford used creation to change his reality and the world’s realities.

So  what  is   it about this   subject  of  creation that  eludes so many   people and leads 8  out   of  10 people  into  having  an  unhappy  life  wishing  they   could be  elsewhere  and  doing something else?

1  Huge  Answer is that in our  current  society  anyone   that wants to take up art   and  painting which  is the most  fundamental and basic starting point of creation, i.e taking pictures and ideas  out  of  ones head  and putting them onto canvas or sketching  them out on paper.

Anyone that has this basic desire to create  much above the age of  14 and  going  into high school and above is pretty much  and most of the time  pounced  on by the child’s  peers and  told over and over again that  they   will  never  be  able to make a proper living out  of art and that they should get “A Real Job”!. True or False?

Yes  I   know,  there  are   always exceptions  to any  idea,  rule  or  statement  of  facts. I  also  know  that  not  all  kids want  to  do  art. Some  parents and  other  adults  who  have  the  financial  wherewithal   and enough  time and are able to care do  back up and  support  their  child  or  student into a career  in the “Arts”. I’m  sure many parents would like to but just simply cannot do it. However, apart from the “lucky ones”, as far  as  the  vast  bulk of people are concerned there  is a  heavy  Mind-set and agreed  upon  belief   in  our current  society  that   anyone who wishes  to  or  wants  to  try to  make a living, pay a house off, raise children, etc. by  doing  something  creative  such as art is  as  a general  rule  of  thumb pressured  in  some way  to give  up on  their  childhood  dreams  and aspirations in  their  head   and get  “A Real Job”!

This is  the possible basic starting  point of the demise of  a person’s happiness  and they are then coerced and pressured  into training for and getting some sort of job that they are  not  interested in and to spend a lifetime paying  off  a mountain of  debts on the “Work Slave Treadmill” of  life. This  basic  pressure of  “don’t try or want to make  a   creative  living  from  the  ideas  in your head to pay off  your bills of  life and get “a real job”   is  the possible beginning  of   the complicated catalyst  as  to why 8 – out  of  10  people  are unhappy  in  their jobs and  would leave if they had  half  a chance.

The Solution: Find Some Passion In Your Life That Really Fires You Up, Then…If   you   don’t  find something creative that really  fires you  up  generally you will struggle and  want to  give up at the first set of  obstacles  that get  put in your way. To  create  the life you really  want   instead of  the get a “Real Job” that  someone  else  has  planned  out   for you, you have  to have a real fire in your belly. Once  you  have found that fire in   your  belly that every   time it’s mentioned gets you  hot  under the collar  and  fills  you with a passion  you   have to start to draw out or write down the beginning or rudimentary ideas that you have.

It doesn’t  matter if you are no good  at drawing, it doesn’t matter  if  you  are not a  great  artist  or  accomplished graphic artist. All  that  matters is  that  you  get  the  ideas you  have out of your head and  onto  some sort of  note pad etc. Once you have done the basics, everyday you must metaphorically  speaking and  physically  keep  creating and  stoking  that  fire in your belly with more and more  ideas, drawings, sketches, writing ideas out etc  to make it bigger and better everyday.

This is all  an  essential  part of  the  creative process. Somewhere  along  this  creative pathway and  it  could be  3am  in the  morning when you  suddenly  sit bolt upright  in  bed sweating  with excitement, or you could be riding  the bus  or  train  home from your day/night  job.  Suddenly  the idea will come to  you as to how you can  make  the living that you  want to make from your idea. Then bit  by bit  as you keep stoking  that fire your  idea will metaphorically burst  into flames and the universe will all come together and collaborate with the right people and conditions to give you the pathway to make your dream life a reality.

And that my friends is the way  you use creation to create the life you really want instead of the get a “Real Job” that someone else has planned out for you. That’s how this Newspaper  and  our Wealth For The Workers Team were born  and  have  now spread to 20 countries and still growing. Kind   regards  Derek White Editor.