The Importance Of Loyalty

the importance of loyalty

The Importance Of Loyalty  By Rosemarie Sumalinog Gonzales

Loyalty brings out the best in everyone by freeing up people from worrying about trivial matters. It allows them to create amazing results in their day-to-day lives. It is also very important to the success, and stability of any lasting relationship. It leads to better communication and deeper bonds.

You can be great at a job, but if you aren’t accountable, it’s much harder to grow and be rewarded for your work. Being loyal means you give people an opportunity to show you their true colors. It’s much harder to stay with someone who you know you shouldn’t be with when loyalty is a top priority.

Things get real when you’re accountable. If you’re loyal, most people will be loyal right back. Disloyal people tend to blow people off when they make new friends, but if you’re loyal, you can just keep adding friends. Much more reasonable. In my experience, loyalty is underappreciated. It’s not as if people don’t care about it, but life happens and they may lose sight of what is really important. The importance of loyalty impacts all our lives. But sometimes I feel cheated especially when other people do not recognise my efforts. It hurts me so much that after investing too much of my time and energy, still, they are not enough.

Humans are inherently selfish. The problem arises during the time when people are not able to think beyond themselves. Creating and maintaining a friendship requires a certain level of commitment and loyalty in order to succeed. But loyalty will teach you responsibility, consideration, and decency. Being loyal isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would do it. A loyal person needs to think about the future and think about how his/her actions will affect others.

Loyalty is not something that necessarily comes easy, you must work at it. It all comes down to the fact that values make us who we are. Above all, loyalty will teach us to respect other’s opinions and give us insight on how we want to lead the future. No matter how other people treat us, the fact remains that our loyalty matters, even if it is left unappreciated.

Ultimately, our loyalty is what other people will judge you by. In the long run, your life gets better and easier when there are more people pushing for you than against you. However, loyalty has become a very rare commodity nowadays.

Our failure in being loyal really boils down from our selfishness. We put ourselves above everyone else.
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