Shy Cats and Senior Citizens Program

Shy Cats and Senior Citizens Program

It’s hard for shy cats to stand out in the crowd, but they make wonderfully undemanding companions. Shy cats truly appreciate the luxury of a quieter home, and a cosy spot to curl up in. And a little time, patience and love goes such a long way.

Shy cats tend to stay in rescue care for a long time, which puts pressure on resources, and limits how many other incoming cats and kittens can be saved. That’s why we’re looking for senior citizens who are willing to offer long-term or permanent care to shy cats in need.

If you’re a special kind of person who’s willing to open your heart and your home to a shy cat, you’ll find it’s such a rewarding experience, as plenty of shy cats show their more affectionate side once they’ve settled in.

What sort of homes are needed?

  • Quiet, calm environment
  • Lots of patience and understanding. It can take longer for a shy cat to settle into a new home

To become a carer for a shy cat, it costs just $25. These cats are desexed, vaccinated, wormed and flea treated, with the $25 program fee going direct to the rescue group to help cover their vet bills. And you can rest assured that, should your circumstances ever change the cat will return to the care of the rescue group.

Pet companionship has been linked with so many benefits – lower levels of stress and anxiety, reduced risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, improved mood, and help with loneliness and depression. Not to mention the incredible feeling that comes from knowing you’ve saved a life.

Help a shy cat, save a life, support your local cat rescue, and enjoy all the positive health benefits of pet companionship!

To find a shy cat that needs your help, get in touch with Caren at