Success Defined.

Success Defined Published By Derek White.

“Success Is The Ability To Go From One Failure To Another With No Loss Of Enthususiam” Sir Winston Churchill.

By Derek White Editor


The power of this above  amazing  quote I  believe is literally immeasurable. I say this  because the person it came from Sir Winston Churchill  used it  to  help Britain  the  British  people and  all  Britain’s allies overcome and squash  one of the most evil men and  his evil   followers  in the  history of the world   to  ensure freedom was not lost for the  people  of  Britain  and  the World.


Many   times in life people are challenged with  many  difficult things which they sometimes and often believe are insurmountable. They get  frustrated  and  angry,  they   have  doubts  fears and uncertainties, they start being hard on themselves and others and give reasons why  it’s all going  to go wrong and fail.


Many of the above thoughts are valid  because sometimes life can  seem to be extremely  unfair  with no real valid logic  or reasons  for  why things happen the way they do. Some people including  myself  believe in the  saying…


“Everything  happens for a reason”.


The reason why I believe  in the above saying  is because I reached a point  in my life  where being strapped  onto  the  roller coaster  of  extremely high and extremely low emotions because  of  this  or that happening or this  or  that  being said  literally became  unbearable.


Instead  the roller coaster  of   life  which I  was  riding  with  bare white  knuckles and a lot of pain and stress  has  now become an interesting  ride through  the  sunny countryside  of  life.


I am now everyday eternally  grateful  for the things  I have  in life  as opposed  to what  I  don’t  have.

On   most days I  try  my  best  to  look  at  this  journey  of  life  with   a   playful  expectancy and enthusiasm   that success  is   just  around   the  corner.   Even  when  I   have   setbacks  and  failures  which  sometimes  temporarily bring  me down because  that is human  nature then   I  understand that  no- one  is perfect  on  that  score. I am finding  more  and more,  day after day  that  Sir  Winston Churchill’s  saying of

“Success  is  the ability to  go  from one failure to another  with no  loss of  enthusiasm” is very true and extremely helpful in my day to  day activities when not everything  goes my way.


I hope that his words can  also help you have this attitude towards life to help you become a success in your life.


Kind regards Derek White Editor.

© November 2017.