Why Being Busy Is Healthy

Why Being Busy Is Healthy By Rosemarie Sumalinog Gonzales

Being busy here refers to being active and engaged in any activity that keeps your brain busy or work-related activities that keeps you focused. These activities include writing, research, exercising, painting, cooking, planting in your garden and many more that will keep your adrenaline rush going and give you a sense of focus.

Being busy also means that you are constantly improving yourself. You’re doing such tasks because you want to get better at it. In other words, those activities would lead to boosting your self-esteem and your mood. The happier you feel about yourself, the better your performance. When you’re confident, you always have more room for improvement and for learning from any possible mistakes made.

Your brain is happy when engaged in something creative and intellectual. When you’re focused on the task at hand, you have no room for negative thoughts because you’re too busy to think. The less time you spend worrying and reminiscing negative events that happened in the past, the better you’ll feel; but not to the extent of overworking. It is not healthy at all.

Being busy is a sign of stature. And while it may seem exhausting to be always on-the-go, being productive provide means more happiness than more downtime. I can attest to this fact because there are even times that I am working very hard to meet deadlines and still have a million and one things to do which other people can’t imagine I’m capable of.

I am always on the rush. Being busy gets me fired up and energized. It gives me a feeling of self-accomplishment. It keeps my mind active and constantly thinking, making my brain work a little bit harder than it normally does. The fact that my mind is switched on and can do different things means I am developing myself as a person.

I believe that If you’re busy doing a number of different activities, such as learning a new skill, doing a market research, building a business, or even socializing, you are pushing your boundaries, learning more about yourself, your skills and abilities and what you can achieve. You are utilizing your potentials at its optimum level. You learn how to prioritize, organize and find more ways of doing things efficiently and effectively.

The very fact that you are accomplishing a lot in your life everyday can boost your self-esteem. When you continually learn and develop in the process, it can lead to a higher level of confidence. You can easily relate and connect with other people on a more personal level.

Seeking and living a pleasant life might make you happy in the short run, but without purpose it could make your life miserable over time. Keeping yourself busy therefore, makes you happier and healthier rather than doing nothing.

Keeping yourself busy in doing meaningless or unnecessary tasks, is a waste of energy. But when you’re doing something productive and meaningful, it gives you a sense of fulfillment; thereby, making you happier than being idle.

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