We Are An Educational, Humanitarian, Global Community Based Profit-Sharing Company. Our Mission Is To Wipe Out Unemployment, Poverty And Financial Hardship In Australia.

Do You Want To Discover The One Small Difference Between Millionaires and Non Millionaires?

It is their Wealth Mind-set and their Wealth Blueprint. This Blueprint is explained in brief in our online webinar and once you see it it will make total sense to you why some people are rich and some people are broke, poor or struggling.

In life to achieve anything worthwhile a person or individuals in a group such as Wealth for the Workers need to understand A Few Very Key Things for that group effort to succeed and here they are:

All people including ourselves have certain Set Ways or patterns of thinking that affect the outcomes in our daily lives. Each of our individual current life circumstances are simply the outcomes and a reflection of the thoughts in our minds.

This one above rule on the way people think and the outcomes they achieve is not made up or based on unrealistic fairy tales. It’s completely evidence based and has scientific facts. For Example: In this world we live in there are now many Millions of Millionaires. How did they become Millionaires? The answer is simple: They constantly thought about becoming Millionaires and then did the actions that they actually had to do to become Millionaires. In this world we have Billions of people who are struggling to exist and are broke. Yes I agree, the cost of living is expensive but how come there are still Millions of Millionaires and they are living and working in the very same countries where the Billions are struggling?

For Wealth for the Workers to grow and for you to flourish and prosper and for you to gain the benefits that are available to you from this group then each of the group members including you need to spend some time in each day thinking about and creating the group. One of the great and very simple ways you can start doing this is to, on a daily basis, say “Thank You To All The Thousands Of My Team Members Who Are Paying For Their E.Book Product Package Which Gives Me $10,000 Per Month Passive Income”.

What this thinking and thanking in advance and starting to do the things that will begin attracting and creating the people to come into your team will begin to do is 1) to start creating the team who then 2) start buying the products which 3) start creating the income. If we all simply have the attitude, thoughts, thinking and actions that everyone is going to help everyone else to become Wealthy then we all will become Wealthy.

Here is a very powerful short 5 minute video on “There Is Nothing More Powerful Than A Changed Mind” On You Tube:


Here is also a link to the 203rd Edition of our Good News Newspaper that we have been producing for the last 6 years full of positive good news and solutions to life, enjoy

If you would like to write back to us and get any help that you need to create the team please feel free to do so. We will be in touch again with you next week.

Kind regards Cath and Derek White.   “Wealth for the Workers”