Our Story

The Good News Newspaper  Is Approved And Financially Backed By The Australian Government N.E.I.S  Program. It Is A Humanitarian Based Newspaper.  Our Mission Is To Create A Weekly Wave Of  Financial Aid Through Our Readers Subscriptions To Empower As Many Registered Charities As Humanly Possible To Carry Out The Vital Work They Do To Help The Disadvantaged People In The World to Have A Better Life.

One beautiful Sunday morning I was happily walking down the street and my eye caught a HUGE, BLACK newspaper headline saying that “1,500 PEOPLE HAD DIED”.

I was shocked and in total disbelief at what had just happened and a few minutes later I found out that this event had actually occurred some 200 years ago when sailors on the high seas in wooden, large ships did not have access to enough vitamin C and had died of scurvy.

I just could not believe that this shocking headline of human tragedy had been dragged up from around 200 years ago and was now being used to grab people’s attention just to make profits!

The above ‘news’ was being published because they simply did not have any other worthwhile current news to put on the front page.  To me this was the last straw!  At that point in time I suddenly came to realise that our main stream media have unfortunately become so completely and totally addicted to pumping out 24/7 – 365 days a year negative bad news with one of the main purposes being: to sell newspapers to make billions of dollars of profits.

I understand that we the general public need to be properly informed and do recognise that journalists everywhere are doing fabulous, vital and valuable work in uncovering many fraudulent activities and they do play a very important role in society. I really respect and admire the courage and tenacity of many photographers and reporters, some who risk their lives to ensure they fully cover the story that reveal the truth of the corruption or situation.   However the general and overall duty of care really needs to be looked into and perhaps a balance is needed for the huge negative impact that this constant bad news stream is having in the world.

So after seeing this unnecessarily dragged up bad news I had to ask myself are we really living in a world that is only interested in paying attention to negativity or is there more out there that our media services are not giving much attention to?

I did not have to dig very hard to find hundreds of wonderful positive solutions, inspiring stories and general good news that people like us are not being given access to or getting a voice.  I decided at that point in time to balance out this never ending tidal wave of bad news and that reporting of news had to change, so we decided it was time for an alternative newspaper to be published that gives positive news, solutions and inspirational stories to help people have a better life.  A paper that would give people like us access to news that is not getting told and gives the world the needed balance of the decency, kindness and love that is occurring every single moment of every day as a constant stream across the world. We hope you enjoy the Good News Newspaper as much as we do which puts the positive balance back into the world.