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The Good News Newspaper is Approved and Backed By The Australian Government and N.E.I.S New Enterprise, Incentive, Scheme. It Is A Humanitarian Based Newspaper.  Our Mission Is To Create A Weekly Wave Of  Financial Aid Through Our Readers Subscriptions To Empower As Many Registered Charities As Humanly Possible To Carry Out The Vital Work They Do To Help The Disadvantaged People In The World to Have A Better Life.


Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have so much, and others so little? What makes them different? There is a lot more to it than hard work, intelligence, or luck and this fascinating book recommended for everyone by Australia’s Golden Sweetheart Delta Goodrem reveals why. This is not a book you read, but a book you live and it will utterly transform your wealth and your life. Read the book review of just 1 part of the book in this week’s 192nd Edition of The Good News Newspaper at  then go to the link provided in the paper to buy yourself a copy of this extremely valuable book that is personally recommended for everyone by Australia’s Golden Sweetheart Delta Goodrem. Plus we have 38 amazing 1 Minute healthy food recipes with over 15 million views, a true life inspirational story that will bring you a few tears, plus another proven way by top performers on how to get the most out of your life plus much more. We hope you enjoy and get something out of this week’s 192nd Edition as every week we put a lot of heart and soul into finding and delivering top quality information to you that we believe will actually help you have a better life. See you soon, kind regards Cath and Derek White