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Welcome To The Wealth For The Workers’ E.Book, Audio Book, Art And Music Catalogue. The Wealth For The Workers Is Approved And Backed By The Australian Government And N.E.I.S Program.
We Are An Education Based, Humanitarian, Global  Self Employment, New Style Of Profit-Sharing Company. Our Mission Is To Wipe Out Unemployment, Poverty And Financial Hardship In Australia And On Planet Earth.

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Wealth For The Workers Is A Complete Handbook Of  Easy To Read, Understand And Apply, Life Changing, Relatable And Specific Items Of Information That Can Put You And Your Business (if you own one) On The Right Track To Having True Power And Abundance In Your Life. These Basic And Indisputable Laws Of  Success and Laws Of Attraction, Have Been Extremely Carefully And Very Thoughtfully Plucked From The Never-ending, And Tsunami Age Of Information That We Now Live In. The Book  Give You The Clear Facts On What It Will Actually Take For You To Succeed. This Information Has Had All The Bias Or Vested Interests Stripped Out And Thrown Away. It Can Be Applied To Any Business. It Has Purposely Been Written And Shared In  Such A Way To Finally Enable You To Clearly Understand And Rapidly Accomplish The Paradigm Shifts In Your Thinking And Doingness That You Will Have To Make Without Fail Before You Have Any Hope Of Flourishing Or Prospering In Your Life. Some People In Reading This Book Will Buck, Weave, Turn And Try In Any Way That Is Possible To Escape The Truths Within. Why? Because No Matter What, One Day After Going Away, Going Around And Around In Circles Trying Other Ways To Succeed And Wasting A Lot Of  Their Precious Time, They Will Finally Come To Realise Whether They Learn Or Discover Them From Me Or Not, That These Rules And Laws Of Success Are Unbreakable And If  They Truly Want Success They Will Have To Follow These Ways Of The Rich And Powerful Or They Simply Will Not Succeed In Life. It's That Simple. I have written the book in this way not to deliberately upset or make anyone angry but because after a lifetime of chasing and following all the other trickery and lies that are out there that it is Completely Pointless To Follow Any Other Way. My purpose for writing the book is to help anyone anywhere in the world to succeed in life whether I get to meet them or not or whether they are in the Wealth For The Workers' Team Or Not. My purpose for creating the  Wealth For The Workers team is because I care very deeply about helping the people of the world to have a better life. Kind Regards Derek White Founder Wealth For The Workers.