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This inspirational little book explains the Game of Life and shows you how you can manifest whatever you desire in your life. Through simple explanations of how universal laws work, Wayne Porter shows you how thoughts and vibrations are affecting what you attract in your life, and how you can improve upon your desired outcomes by partnering with the Universe to win the Game of Life.   As Wayne says, “I wrote this book to sort out how ideas I had read about and figured out, actually applied to the world we live in. This is how I believe  immortal beings living in a physical universe made up of vibration actually manifest in that world. How life actually functions.”   Excerpt from book: “If Life is indeed a game, why then do we sometimes fail to get what we want? How could that happen? Imagine playing a game and:
  • You always hit a home run.
  • You always get the touchdown.
  • You always get a royal flush.
How fun would a game be if you knew, that no matter what, you would win. Sure you might find it fun the first few times or maybe the first few hundred times but you would get bored of it pretty quickly.   Just as in a game that we know we made up like football or chess, we want the obstacles to make it interesting. There has to be another team. You can't just make the ball appear in the end zone. It has to have just the right ratio of liberties and obstacles to keep us wanting to play. And we have to want the end result. Now just because you know all the rules of a game doesn't mean you are actually going to win. Someone who knows all the rules of football is not automatically a great player.   Life is all manner of games. Big games, small games, medium games, silly games, serious games. Life is like a set of Russian nesting dolls of games. Games inside games next to other games. By applying the knowledge and simple strategies laid out in this book, you can gain more happiness, confidence and control of your life.”   Bio Wayne Porter is a writer, photographer and filmmaker living in the mountains of Western North Carolina near Asheville. In previous lives he has has been a restaurant manager, teacher, creative director, human resources manager and a marketing and business consultant specializing in the Law of Attraction.   He is married to writer/designer Mandy Wildman, has three children, three dogs, a cat and about a dozen chickens. One child is studying to be an aerospace engineer and the other two are in Middle School. Wayne has written or co written several short and feature length films as well as writing, directing and producing “Sanderson County” which has become somewhat of a cult classic among indie film enthusiasts.