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Performance Management Made Easy

The secret to managing people in any environment, from very small businesses to large corporations, is the understanding of this elusive things called “performance”. What is actually being produced? If you really know how to work with this, a whole range of management issues and “secrets” start to fall apart to reveal simplicities that will blow your mind. In this book “Performance Management Made Easy” (also called “The Overworked Manager’s Rescue Package”), you will learn some very practical solutions that will make your life as a manager much more bearable.  
  • Firstly, understanding what performance is and how to recognise a top performer is very important. The first section deals with how to recognise the “good ones”.
  • Next, you will learn some very practical information on how to hire good people, including the sort of ads to write and how to get references that are meaningful.
  • Having hired someone good, you need to get them oriented and started in the most efficient way. Job descriptions are vital here, but there’s something even more valuable that you need to know about.
  • Managing the day-to-day performance, making sure your good people are not destroyed by vindictive office politics and doing some effective things to ensure your good people stay with you. These are all addressable under the banner of “performance”.
  • Motivation is important, but does that mean giving bonuses and running hyped up meetings? Find out what works best here.
  • Appraisals are often considered a difficult and onerous task for any manager. How would you like to be in a situation where you actually look forward to giving appraisals to your people?
  • Terminating employees can be very distasteful. Some managers actually lose sleep over this. But there is a way to fire people that is not unpleasant at all.
  • Finally, there are many side issues that come up in managing people, like dress codes, working from home, staff training and personal problems that impinge on the work place. Here there are a selection of solutions to all these type of things – all based on understanding what performance actually means.
Performance management really can be “easy”. It’s all a matter of understanding what performance is and how to use it in your everyday operations.