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What's Wrong with Your Novel? And How to Fix It

What's Wrong with Your Novel? And How to Fix It Sitting on a first draft because you’re not sure it’s good enough? Know there’s something not quite right but not sure what? Somewhat pleased with what you’ve written but having doubts? Desperate for guidance but can’t afford an editor’s fees? Worry not! Help is at hand. Get the skinny on giving your novel PTQ (page turning quality). This guide gets straight down to the nitty-gritty, with minimal preliminaries. What are the most common problems? How do you fix them? It’s as simple as don’t do that, do this. Straight from the shoulder easy to follow advice from Elizabeth Bailey Author of 20 novels traditionally published, 15 indie published and counting, as well as a novella, short stories, plays, articles, blogs and ghost writing as well as numerous critique reports for other writers on their novels.